The Hatbox Ghost

The Hatbox Ghost

This infamous resident from the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland is named the Hatbox Ghost.  His special talent is to make his head disappear from his body and reappear in the hatbox as you pass by him.  He is a new member of the 999 happy haunts that fill  the mansion but, this is not his first time there.  Part of fame comes from the fact that he was an original character when the ride opened.  He was there for just a few days and just like you would expect from a ghost, he disappeared completely.  In, fact, the animatronic of the character was completely lost!

For the fans, he was that character that we had to know more about.  We would crave those photos that surfaced to try and imagine what the Mansion would be like with him in it.  I believe that old video footage of him has recently surfaced.  Thanks to Disney we no longer have to imagine what the Hatbox Ghost was like because they have made a new version of him and he currently is haunting the attic of the Mansion in Disneyland.

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This is a 6″x8″ ink and watercolor painting

This painting has been sold

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Inktober-Day 18


For today’s Inktober drawing I went with another retro pin up drawing.  It’s a halloween themed card player.

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Inktober-Day 1


Alright, it is day 1 of the Inktober month of ink drawing that is happening on the internet.  I had heard of this project from the videos that artist, Jake Parker has on YouTube(which I highly recommend subscribing to).  But, I have never participated in it before.  I do love drawing with ink and using ink in washes for my drawings.  This seems like as good a time as ever to jump in.  I feel like I need to do something like this after the 30 days of painting last month.  Now I have the problem of figuring out what I will be drawing this month.  One thing I knew I wanted to do was draw skulls.  That will probably be a main element in a bunch of this month’s pieces.  With October being known for being a spooky month, I should throw in a bunch of monsters.  I would also like to continue some of the pin-up style females that I thought came out well last month.  Which leads us to today’s drawing.

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