Inktober-Day 1


Alright, it is day 1 of the Inktober month of ink drawing that is happening on the internet.  I had heard of this project from the videos that artist, Jake Parker has on YouTube(which I highly recommend subscribing to).  But, I have never participated in it before.  I do love drawing with ink and using ink in washes for my drawings.  This seems like as good a time as ever to jump in.  I feel like I need to do something like this after the 30 days of painting last month.  Now I have the problem of figuring out what I will be drawing this month.  One thing I knew I wanted to do was draw skulls.  That will probably be a main element in a bunch of this month’s pieces.  With October being known for being a spooky month, I should throw in a bunch of monsters.  I would also like to continue some of the pin-up style females that I thought came out well last month.  Which leads us to today’s drawing.

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