Day 3 of X-Men characters from the movie universe brings us to good guy/bad guy, the master of magnetism, Magneto.  He is portrayed by Michael Fassbender in the last 3 films.  His constant flip flopping from evil to good is not just a movie thing, this is also the way he has been portrayed in the comic books.  To me, Magneto will always be on the side of evil and I think he works best that way.  He is such a good bad guy because his reasons for doing the “wrong” things is completely understandable.  You can empathize with his way of thinking.  And I never felt the movies gave us a Magneto who you believe really wanted to make the world pay for the ways humans treat the mutant population.  That aside, I think Michael Fassbender does a great job.

Here is the drawing pre-Photoshop coloring:

Magneto line

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