30 Paintings in 30 Days- Day 3

5″x7″ ink, watercolor and oil painting on gesso panel

30 Paintings in 30 Paintings day 3
Today’s painting almost did not happen which would be disappointing since it’s only the third day. But as my Bay Area friends know, it’s been stupidly hot these last few days. And being in a house with no air conditioning sitting under lights and painting does not come easy. But, I’m forcing myself to work tonight.
This painting is another Madballs painting. This lovely is named Aargh. It is a 5″x7″ ink, watercolor and oil painting on a gesso board. #madballs #aargh #30paintingsin30days #oil #painting #watercolor #ink #art #artist #painter #illustration #1980s #ilovethe80s #toys #80stoys


30 Paintings in 30 Days- Day 2

2017 watercolor and oil paint

What I was worried about happening with day 1 came true.  My Moleskin painting project hit a snag when it comes to drying times.  So, it looks like I will have to pepper those in throughout the month along with other paintings.

That brings us to today.  I love the 1980’s and a lot of the things that I draw and paint have a tie to that time period.  Growing up in the 80’s has exposed me to many things that have stuck with me and I still enjoy today. One of those things are toys and this painting is based on one of those toy lines, The Madballs.  Screamin’ Meemie is the name of this character.  He is the second character from the toy line that I have recently painted.

I have plans to do a series of art and posts detailing the history of several 1980’s toy lines and I will go into the Madballs toys and histories then.  This will begin in January  and I plan to run this for all of 2018.

This piece started as a ink drawing on a gessoed panel.  The under painting was in watercolor paint and then glazed with oil paint.

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