Dance Magic Dance
David Bowie as Jareth from the film, Labyrinth.
Ink drawing with digital colors

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original ink drawing




Rolf the Dog

Rolf the Dog ink drawing.

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Here is the original ink drawing


Disney’s Animal Kingdom

9″x12″ watercolor painting

It’s the start of a new year and I realize that the past 2 months have not been very productive for me.  I’m in the middle of a lack of inspiration funk.  This is one the few things that I have finished in a while.  The painting is of some of the attractions and scenery from Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.  For Christmas I was given the book Secret Stories of Walt Disney World by Jim Korkis, and after finishing it, I was inspired to do some Disney themed art.  This is a fun book that is filled with 2 page stories all about different subjects that deal with Walt Disney World’s theme parks, resorts, employees and anything remotely Disney related in the Florida area.  I first heard about Jim Korkis from podcasts that he has been on and his knowledge of Disney is second to none.  In fact, he has several books out about Disney, two more that I have are, The Vault of Walt, which has 4 volumes (of which I have the first 2).  They are also fun and quick reads.  Lots of fun and interesting stories are in these that any Disney theme park fan will enjoy reading about.

As I was reading the book I decided that I wanted to do something that was related to the stories I had read in the book and I decided that would be from the Animal Kingdom section.  So, this painting has the Yeti and the Everest mountain from the Expedition Everest ride, a piece of the dinosaur that stands above the sign for Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures store and at the bottom is the Tree of Life with an elephant sculpture.

I have another drawing to post later this week that I forgot to post a few months ago.  Hopefully I can jump start some more artwork soon.

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Commissions are open

the-flash luke jyn

I wanted to let everyone know that I am available to draw commissions and here are some examples of what some black and white ink drawings would be like.  These are just bust drawings in ink and they go for $20 a character.  I can also do these in gray markers for $30 or water color paint for $40.  Please send me an email at or send me a message at:
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Captain Marvel and Thanos

captain-marvel thanos

Starting to do a few of these smaller 5″x7″ish sized ink and watercolor paintings. I thought it could be fun to do some different type of characters from all different kinds of media. Today’s paintings are of two Marvel Comics characters, Captain Marvel and his arch foe, Thanos.
Captain Marvel is character that died in the early 1980s, is one of my favorite characters. And is also one of the few heroes that has not been brought back from the dead. He died from cancer and not by the hands of a villain, in The Death of Captain Marvel graphic novel.
Thanos is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel universe and in the 90’s was causing many a problem for the characters in Marvel. And, that is what is ramping up in the next 2 Avengers movies.
Both of these paintings are for sale, $30 each or both for $50.
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Inktober-Days 26-31


These are last batch of drawings that I did for the Inktober challenge.  As if doing the drawings themselves was not hard enough, posting on my site became a problem too.  But, even if I did not post them all daily here, they were completed one for each day.  And I did make 31 ink drawings this week, one each day.  For this batch I was trying to just do some portraits.  Day 26 are the two Han Solo drawings(top row-middle and right).  I wanted to try out 2 different styles off the same photo reference.  The middle was completed with using very few ink lines and the shading was achieved with markers.  The Han on the right was all line work going for a more comic book version.  the top left drawing was day 27’s piece of Alice Cooper.  This one was completed quickly on my lunch break, that left me enough time to lay in the solid blacks and to tone it with pencil.  Bottom left is a drawing of Vincent Price for Day 28.  This another marker drawing but I went in with some more ink line work than I did on the Han drawing.  I am trying to hit that happy medium.  Bela Lugosi on the bottom right is for day 29.  Very scratchy and another quick drawing for that day.


Day 30 is another little portrait with markers of Boris Karloff from The Mummy.


And this leads us to the last drawing of Inktober, from the fantastic Vincent Price movie, The Abominable Dr Phibes.  It is a ink and ink wash drawing.

This was another month straight of daily artwork and it has been grueling doing this along with working my day job.  I feel like I need to keep the momentum going and do more daily drawing but I’m pretty sure I can’t keep it up.  I will be trying to complete some more complex work this month.  I want to take some more time with my art.  I also want to get back to some of the fundamentals and work on some anatomy studies.  I also plan on some painting time.  I will be posting most of these studies on Facebook and Instagram  and cherry picking some of the drawings for this blog.

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Inktober-Day 25


I am going to see Alice Cooper in concert in San Francisco tomorrow and this is my warm up for the show.  Alice has been one of my favorites for a while now and some of he best concerts I have been to were Alice shows.  This is a moment from his show where he is put into a straight jacket and sings, one of my favorite songs, Ballad of Dwight Fry.

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