30 Paintings in 30 Days-Day 15


For the halfway mark of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge I decided to go with the main baddie from my favorite classic horror movie, The Creature From the Black Lagoon.

I have some mixed feelings about this one because of the time limit I had for the piece and the amount of detail on the Gillman’s suit.  I want to get in there and draw all the scales and bumps on him but it just doesn’t make sense to do it.  Not only do I have so little time to do the drawing but I also know that it will unfortunately disappear underneath the gouache paint.  And that’s exactly what started to happen on this one.


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4 thoughts on “30 Paintings in 30 Days-Day 15”

  1. Oh, takes me way back..to when the movie was first out and I think Revel? made models you could purchase and assemble. My 5 year younger brother was really into them, had Creature, Frankenstein, Mummy, etc., I helped on some (became aware that I really liked assemblage art, for what it was worth at the time). Odd thing was, he couldn’t sleep with them in his room at night. Gave him frights and nightmares. ha ha! Thanks for the memories this painting ignited. A time when life was simpler and much more fun!

    1. I agree with you about putting together models, especially those old Aurora monster model kits. When I was young I loved putting models together. That is one hobby that has long past me by. Not enough time in the day for that kind of thing I guess.

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