Masters of the Universe

Masters of the Universe

Ok, so this movie is not considered to be a classic.  Far from it.  But, I do have great fondness for it.  I was a big fan of He-Man from early on in my childhood.  I still remember getting my first He-Man figure right before I started kindergarten.  I loved the toys and the comic books and was also big into the cartoon.  I’m not sure what it is about this property that really grabs me.  While it has some awesome looking characters, like Skeletor, you also get some really lame characters, like Orko.  I am able to take the good with the bad when it comes to this property.  The original cartoon series can sometimes be a little hard to watch and people love to bash all the reused animation that the animation company, Filmation, used in every episode.  I think the look of the cartoon is very strong and still looks really clear and appealing.  And in the early 2000s a new company came out with a new cartoon series that was fantastic and one of my favorite animated series.

What is the thing about this property that makes me excited and wanting to do some art from it or why do I still read the comics and watch the shows and movie?

It’s the fantasy.  The history and the setting and fantasy of the world of Eternia is a huge part of it for me.  And I’m hoping to come back to this subject soon.  I decided to start off with the movie that came out in 1987, Masters of the Universe.  It stars Dolph Lundgren as He-Man.  Like most  movies based on a pre-existing property, Hollywood decided to make changes and alter the looks of characters, which is almost always hard for a fan to deal with.  But, enough time has past and I can now just watch the movie and do some drawings of these versions and just enjoy.

As for this drawing itself, I wanted to do a pencil drawing that was a fully finished pencil drawing, focusing on tone and technique.  I was listening to an interview with the artist, Allen Williams who does these crazy awesome pencil drawings and that really inspired me to try doing just a pencil drawing.  I’m planning on doing a second piece that is the villains from the movie.  A part of me does really want to paint these though…

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