Enter, If You Dare..

The Mansion color

“Have you ever seen a haunted house? You know the kind I mean. That old, dark house that’s usually at the end of a dimly lit street. The owners haven’t been seen for years; no one really knows why. The windows are broken and boarded, and the shutters hang loose on their hinges. The trees have grown wild; their branches brush against the sides of the weathering house, making strange noises in the night. There’s a high, vine-covered fence around the property… is it there to keep somebody out? Or is it there to keep some… THING inside? It’s a house that people avoid walking past at night. Strange sounds come from within the walls, and it’s said that eerie lights have been seen both in the attic windows, and in the graveyard at the side of the house.”

That is a description of the eerie mansion that is the home of 999 happy haunts, as described on the record, The Story and Song of the Haunted Mansion.  And anyone who has made a trip to visit this Mansion at night would probably agree with the description.  This is the view you get as you enter the queue and pass the horseless hearse, snaking in front of the mansion as you are on your way to the porch and into the Mansion.

The  drawing was completed with ink and markers and colored in Photoshop.

The Mansion

Here is the original non colored version.

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