Darkness Melts Away

Darkness Melts 9"x6" marker drawing
Darkness Melts
9″x6″ marker drawing


A Light Arrives

Time Freezes

My Eyes Can Adjust

Darkness Melts Away

All I Need To See Is You

I wanted to put out another one of these illustrations for a “poem” I wrote for this week.  So I could sneak it in before Valentine’s Day.  This one is about that feeling you get with that early spark of a loving relationship.  Especially when you, or maybe both people, are coming together after being hurt from prior situations.  The right person comes into your life and brings that much needed light to your soul.  Like a lighthouse shines it’s light to break through the dark and the fog.  It’s an amazing moment and also a scary moment to realize that this one person can turn everything around and change your life, when you had almost given up.

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