The Princess Bride

11"x16" ink and water color painting on toned paper.
11″x16″ ink and water color painting on toned paper.


  Week two of February is upon us and here is my second “love” themed piece for the month.  This is a painting based on the movie, The Princess Bride.  This is one of those cult classic type movies that has a big following.  I must admit that I am new to this movie.  I saw it for the first time only recently, in the last two years.  And after hearing how great this movie is for so long, I was pretty confident that I would be underwhelmed by it.  But, I gave it a shot and I’m glad I did because I did enjoy it.  It’s a nice fantasy movie with interesting characters and a fun story.  Best of all it has Andre The Giant in it.  Since the movie, at it’s heart, is a love story, I figured it would be a fun subject to paint for this month’s theme.

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