Day 5- Nightmare Before Christmas- 30 Paintings in 3

5"x7" acrylic ink, colored pencil, gauche
5″x7″ acrylic ink, colored pencil, gouache


Today threw me a bit of a curve ball.  I had a few paintings that I had ready to go in for today and this was not one of them.  The pencil work for this was finished yesterday and for some reason while I was at work I kept thinking about finishing it when I got home.  And that’s what happened.  But, because of the the quick turnaround I couldn’t use oil paint because I wouldn’t be able to scan it with the wet paint.  So, I decided to use more ink washes which gives it a bit of a watercolor feel and then gouache to fill in the blacks with a nice solid pass.

I love the movie, Nightmare Before Christmas and have done and sold several pieces of art based on the film in the past.  In fact I’m working on a series of big paintings from the movie that I hope to get back to after this month.

This painting is available for sale for $50.00

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    1. I’m gladddd Roberta! I checked out your site and you are rocking the 30 day challenge! Great stuff. And I dig your “” url! Great name.

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