Day 1 of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

8"x8" oil, inks and colored pencil on illustration board.
8″x8″ oil, inks and colored pencil on illustration board.

This is the first painting for the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge on artist, Leslie Saeta’s blog-  And the subject of day 1 is of one of the busts found in the changing portrait hallway in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion.  I’m a huge Disneyland fan and the Haunted Mansion is one of my favorites.  And it, along with Disneyland, will be a subject that I will be coming back to during the challenge this month.

With the challenge I am trying out a new process for most of these paintings.  Lately I have been doing mostly watercolor paintings with ink pens or painting with gouache.  But, for this painting I used acrylic ink and oil paints.  I started by using the acrylic ink for many thin washes.  In between washes I would use white charcoal pencils for highlights and colored pencils for some shading and streaks of color.  To finish it off, oil paints were applied.  This was my second attempt at this technique.  And I find myself enjoying it.  The layering process does add more time to the whole thing.  In the past I feel like I try to work fast and finish things quickly but I have felt like I need to slow down and take more time with my pieces.  I will be using this process more through the month with a few attempts with watercolor pieces to see what reaction I might get from those.

As for subject matter of the pieces I will be doing, I plan on more Disneyland pieces along with Muppet characters and doing some portrait works as well.  I like the idea of trying some different kind of subjects to test myself and stretch my wings a bit.  I hope to get some comments about the direction I’m going or about the subject matters.

Here is the first painting I did in this painting style and it happens to be the other bust from the Haunted Mansion.

8"x8" acrylic ink, colored pencil and oil paint.
8″x8″ acrylic ink, colored pencil and oil paint.

Both paintings are available for sale at $50.00 each.

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2 thoughts on “Day 1 of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge”

  1. Hi James, this one brings back such memories – even as an adult, I loved this ride..and did it as many times as I could, child in tow or not! Beautiful renderings. Attempting mixed media myself in this challenge I will have to give the acrylic ink and oil a try. Looking forward to checking back!

    1. Thanks Pattie! I see from your blog that we are both messing around with the water medias. I have been feeling the calls back to gouache lately. I might have to start putting down the oils and play more with the gouche so I can eliminate my drying time concerns. I also noticed you sold your Rainbows painting, excellent job on that one!

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