Bounty Hunters and Ewoks

Boba Fett Ep6BosskIG88










“Bounty hunters, we don’t need that scum.”
Here are some of the bounty hunters that the Empire brought in to find Luke Skywalker in, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.  Most of these characters got very few seconds of screen time, Bossk(the 2nd painting), was my favorite.  Boba Fett (the 1st painting) is universally most people’s fave, not mine.  He is a great looking character  but doesn’t do much in my opinion.  IG-88 (the 3rd painting) is interesting because he was the only droid who was also a bounty hunter.  When I think of him I always think of his action figure and his spindly legs.
Star Wars is not all ugly characters.  To cleanse the bounty hunters from my pallet, let’s look at some Ewoks:




Wicket Logray










These furry residents of the moon of Endor helped saved the Rebellion’s mission to bring down the second Death Star.  Wicket, (the 1st painting) was a big merchandising star after Return of the Jedi.  He was even the star of the animated series, Ewoks.  Second, we have Logray, who was the shaman of this tribe of Ewoks.
The Ewoks take some flack for being too cute or that it’s hard to believe they could take down an army of stormtroopers, but I have always liked them.

These drawings, like all of the Star Wars paintings I will be posting are 5″x7″ watercolor and ink on watercolor paper.  And, they are available for purchase for $20 each.
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